Unfortunately Magdalena Żuk is not the only victim of violence, rape, torture or murder committed on Polish women in Arabic countries. These things are happening to Polish women on a daily basis. We don’t hear about them, because many women will not officially confess it. Three years ago prof. Sadowski informed that there are 300 thousand Polish women in relationships with Muslims. Seeing a growing intensity of mixed couples, I think that there is a high probability for this number to have risen over several dozen percent in the last years. Of course, Polish women who simply emigrate to Muslim countries are not counted into this.

The main task in this project is providing legal help for defending Polish women and their children from threats to their lives, violence, human trafficking and the threat of being mutilated in their intimate areas. Furthermore, help in regaining kidnapped children, help in getting justice after rape, information, education and warnings.

The Estera-Foundation wants to create a program, through which victims of Islam can be helped. People, whose rights have been taken away and whose safety is in danger (mainly maltreated Polish women, as well as those who have lost their children in Islamic countries) are the ones we seek to help.
Apart from that, my Estera-Foundation wants to create a program in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, thanks to which Polish citizens can be helped when facing threats to their lives, which should include:

– the possibility of changing identities of women and their children and creating documents without presence of the child;
– forbidding foreigners (who are suspected of mistreating a Polish citizen) to come near the person, banning such individuals from entering Poland
– creating a registry of people who pose a threat
– creating a mechanism of support for victims of Islam, which cooperates with other organs of government;
– a possibility to create duplicates of passports for men and women (without presence of the kids) who are in relationships with Muslims and whose documents have already been issued earlier

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Although the refugee crisis is being discussed in mainstream media since two years, we can still observe grave deficits in the comprehension of basic terms. I have not only observed this on the internet, but also on the TV station TVN and in remarks made by Member of Parliament Paweł Kukiz. It’s very important to agree on fixed basic terms in order to make the discussion easier for everyone. Because, if you want to discuss the refugee crisis you should know its underlying terminology, as well as how to use it in public debates.

Persecuted Christian – a person who believes in Jesus while living in a region in which he or she is exposed to persecution, deadly danger, mutilations, tortures or suffering by the hands of believing Muhammedans. This person does not pose a threat to our public safety. He is not a refugee in the legal sense, because a refugee is someone who is already outside of his national borders – in safety. The responsibility of documenting his identity lies on himself and is verified in embassies. The Estera Foundation, which I represent, is helping persecuted Christians who – being victims of EU policies – cannot escape from the Islamic slaughter and leave their countries. Almost no one gives visas to them, neither work visas nor student- or humanitarian visas. These Christians can’t even come to Europe illegally, because they will be murdered, kidnapped or raped on their way. I want to remind everybody of the 12 Christians that have been thrown off a boat. The mission of my Estera Foundation is completed in the moment when a Christian arrives on safe soil and his life is counted as safe. Any social help is coming from people of good will and is not financed by Polish government.

Immigrant – a person who migrates into a different country with the goal of staying. There are many reasons for immigration. Immigration can have educational-, financial and personal reasons. It might also stand in connection with the Hijrah – the Islamic colonization of Europe, preceded by a fight against the nonbelievers on their own lands.

Refugee – a person who is staying outside of his national borders in safety, but cannot return to his country (theoretically). In reality it is very often an immigrant who was not verified by the EU and who came here illegally.

Forced contingents for so called refugees – a number of people that needs to be taken in by countries within the so called “European Solidarity” – under the threat of penalties.

Relocation of so called refugees – (a term that EU officials love to use) this term describes a method of the EU enforcing their decision about accommodation of refugees on sovereign and independent countries.

I hope that everybody can understand the tremendous difference between real refugees (persecuted Christians) and immigrants (economical refugees) a little better now.


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